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Extra Lives

An immersive live experience where YOU are the main character.

Extra Lives is the world’s first Audience RPG: a fully narrated choose-your-own-adventure game where you are the main character. Plunge into an exciting story with visuals, music, footage and sound effects drawn from the legendary console games of the ‘80s, ‘90s and 2000 and a live score provided by the lovable nerds of Extra Lives. This immersive feast for the imagination will transport you back to your childhood whether you grew up playing video games or not!

At several key junctures the audience must vote on how the character will proceed, leading to special story branches. With multiple endings and over 30 different possible variations depending on in-game choices, each 45-to-60 minute experience is unique! Every story is handpicked for the season, event or theme at hand, and can even be tailor- made for a custom approach.

The show debuted in March 2022 to a sold-out audience at Bar Lubitsch in Hollywood and has performances booked throughout the United States as well as Extra Lives’ hometown of Los Angeles, California. Watch the short video included in this EPK for a taste of what to expect, and check out our Quote Sheet for some firsthand impressions of the experience.

Who is Extra Lives?

The musicians of Extra Lives have collectively shared the stage with countless industry heavy hitters including Britney Spears, The Platters, Danny Elfman, Beck, Ramin Djawadi and The Wailers. With over 150 live performances of classic video game themes released to around 10,000 social media subscribers since late 2016, Michael Kohl (guitar), Marc Dolgin (drums), Dave Maciel (bass) and Kevin Madison (synths) are now bringing this unprecedented live experience to fans around the world. Their mission: to transport inclusive audiences of all ages—nerd and non-nerd alike—back to the happiest days of childhood.