Let's take your live show to the next level.

I spent 2020 studying Ableton Live in depth to help artists provide the best live shows around. I'm ready to use what I've learned to take your show to a whole new level, whether it's programming custom tracks and visuals to help express your music more powerfully or running additional playback elements of your live set from the stage.

Take a look below for just a few ideas on what I can do! I'm currently applying these techniques to pop, rock and indie music with explosive results.

In this live mock audition for Meghan Trainor, I used Ableton to prepare, manipulate and filter the artist's .mp3, program a vocoder and integrate that all with live guitar and vocals. Pretty fun!

My final class project for Performing With Ableton Live showcases everything I learned in 2020, requiring me to trigger clips and scenes, record loops and automation, mold and shape responsive visuals with a projector, change virtual instruments on the fly and map everything to a couple of pretty unusual midi controllers... all while performing live!

The result is everything you see here: a three-act tribute to perhaps my favorite old-school video game series, Final Fantasy. It was pretty fun.

Remixing, reharmonizing, and reminiscing are the name of the game in this tribute to Jeopardy legend Alex Trebek, who passed away shortly before this performance.

(Alex Trebek, Chris Tomlin, and Drake... hmm, the 'Canada' is strong in this performance!)

Affectionately titled "Game Boy," this original song was the final project for my introductory Ableton Live Fundamentals course and my first foray into using video game samples both compositionally and live. I even got my guitar synth pedal in on the act!

My first big foray into looping in Ableton also sharpened my MIDI guitar, virtual instrument, and controller-mapping skills. Hope you find this one a bit... thrilling.

I call this piece "Goomba-ya." Deep down we all know that the one thing Super Mario truly wanted--aside from rescuing the princess and scarfing a yummy mushroom or two along the way--was a double dose of MIDI guitar.

Oh, and maybe a little hint of Reggaeton. ¿Que pasa, Mario?

So... are you ready to level up?

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