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I'm a writer and arranger at heart.

I'm an experienced songwriter with releases I'm proud of, and I love collaborating on the writing process. But my biggest geeky guilty pleasure is arranging, particularly for multi-voice ensembles.

I have long been obsessed with vocal harmonies. There's something unique that happens when two, three, or many voices lock together in a juicy, emotionally appropriate chord: something goosebump-inducing, something heart-affirming.

From the smooth, simple pads in great pop backgrounds to the polychords and hybrids of vocal jazz—and from lush, dense reharmonizations a la Singers Unlimited to simple three-part Appalachian shouts a la Crosby, Stills & Nash—one of my greatest joys in life is helping artists breathe new life into songs with arrangements that make their music soar.

Painstaking attention to detail and written notation are hallmarks of my working process, and I have yet to produce an arrangement I wasn't emotionally invested in.

Here are a few examples of my arranging work:

I've created hundreds of custom arrangements for a diverse clientele.

My favorite arranging jobs have run the gamut from choirs and a cappella groups to hip hop crews, jazz combos, and an 18-piece big band. If you're looking for fresh, tailor-made arrangements that combine professional precision with a creative soul, I'd love to work with your ensemble.

Click the categories below to peruse my current catalog, or reach out to commission a new piece!

Below is my current catalog of arrangements. Many pieces can be modified to suit different ranges or ensemble types.

My Vocal Arranging Catalog


Arrangements for vocal ensembles with accompaniment by piano, guitar, rhythm section, or a larger band.

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A Cappella

Arrangements for a cappella groups and other vocal ensembles without accompaniment.

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Holidays & Events

Arrangements for Christmas, Chanukah, birthdays, sporting events, national anthems, and more.

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Looking for a custom arrangement?

I've got something for almost any ensemble.

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